The Bob Simmonds name resonates throughout the community as one of the most capable defence lawyers in the province, even in Canada, as several awards attest to. The team are second-to-none in the region; we go to battle for our clients every day. We are street smart, driven and talented lawyers with an amazing win record. And our clients and the legal community see us as a team that never gives up. It was time for us to rename the firm and take a more integrated approach to our marketing.

Starting with the belief that the law can be a gray area but the commitment of our team is as clear as black and white we worked with local marketing agency, SPARK Marketing to develop a strong black and white palette. Our name became Simmonds+Partners Defence and our positioning is “Hard cases. Fighting hard cases.” Our new brand is represented in business cards, letterhead and our new website; a series of print advertising launched this week; and our new brand will play a strong role in the design of our new space.

The first ad in the series can be seen in the May 7th edition of The Telegram and the May issue of The Scope.

S+PD New Ad

The ‘Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ is the first ad in our campaign and really talks to the type of work we do. We believe in a fair trial and strong defence for all. Our campaign talks to a series of criminal offences and indicates that there is only one choice if you want the best defence – Simmonds+Partners Defence. We are proud of our new look and feel, it really captures who we are perfectly – we really are hard cases, fighting hard cases.

Watch our blog over the coming weeks for the rest of the ads in our campaign and for ongoing news about the cases we are fighting, our involvement in the community, and for other criminal law related articles and information. And remember there is no substitute for strong, experienced legal representation when going through the criminal justice system. Simmonds+Partners Defence can help you get through the system with the best possible outcome for your individual situation.